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Shots of the week

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Shots of the week

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Earth 2150 Universe News
Sunday  August 13, 2000

      Thanks for your feedback concerning CROSSFIRE. Another map is upcoming next week - The CANYON. I have also added more cheats in FAQ section - check it! The site is in Earth 2150 Top 20! A real improvement!Vote for the site by clicking.

Moon Project screenshots are available in GALLERY!!! 

A land full of mysteries...(Crossfire)

Monday  August 7, 2000

      The site is growning and becoming better - there are more maps in DOWNLOADS section. I have also added some cool tips in HINTS - very useful! The site is in Earth 2150 Top 20! A real improvement!Vote for the site by clicking. 

Friday  August 4, 2000

      I have put some multimedia stuff here and added "Shots of the week" - You can see them right now! I have also updated DOWNLOADS. Still looking for men with comments.

Monday  July 31, 2000

      The follownig things were added: GUESTBOOK, updated DOWNLOADS and some
other stuff. Eight more maps are coming next week. I am also looking for somebody who
has a guide or manual to Earth 2150. Please send them to my e-mail  - I'll put them.

Sunday  July 30, 2000

   That's it! I have placed three more maps from Tom Miskey and Devin and other inspired guys. Check the download section - it has a lot of new coll stuff!!

Saturday  July 29, 2000

   More maps on their way! Thanks to Devin, Tom Miskey and other inspired guys
who posted their incredible maps here. I wiil place them as soon as shots and review will be ready. Thank you all!!!

Wednesday  July 26, 2000

   Some more updates have been made - the site is growing and is getting better! I have updated site layout, background, etc. IMHO, it became more attractive;-). Furthermore, I've added a new map in download section (it is Sherwood I I). There are four of them now!

Monday  July 24, 2000

   In Main You will find some fresh news about sequel to Earth 2150 called Moon Project and the famous Earth III . I have reconstructed almost the whole site.

Saturday July 22, 2000

   That`s it! I`ve managed to make a new whole site dedicated EARTH 2150. Our new address is HTTP://earth2150.narod.ru . The old link will automatically redirect you to the new one.


Friday July 21, 2000

   I have updated Gallery with just INCREDIBLE BATTLE screenshots!!! There are over 20 of them in Hi-Res!Go quickly to Gallery and enjoy them:-). BTW, I`m thinking of a whole site for EARTH 2150. Maybe my site will move to a new link. We`l see soon!

Wednesday July 19, 2000

   The Lands Of Glory is ready to use!! I have completed constructing and testing it and it seemed to me it was great. Go quickly to downloads!! For those who wants to work with Earth_C tools - I have put EarthC in Downloads!

Sunday July 16, 2000

   I have updated some parts of the site ( links, downloads, main) and added some more cheats over 20 of them - check it out! Also I`m working on my new map - it will be the best of art:-)) I propose I`ll be able to complete it next week.


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