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                 -THE STORY SO FAR...-

   In Earth 2150 a devastating war in the cradle of mankind culminated in the destruction of planet Earth. Just before the final cataclysm three warring human nations hastily abandon the planet.
   The Lunar Corporation sends a message to ED and UCS leaders suggesting that they cooperate and look for a new home together. The United Civilized States treat the message as a provocation, but the Eurasian Dynasty does finally sign a pact of cooperation and non aggression.
   The LC and ED fleets combine forces and choose a joint destination - MARS. 

   The player will encounter Aliens, work on the colonization of Mars and even branch out to new planets... 

   The former enemies decide to unite as one society, working together to transform Mars into their new home. Their main aim is to shape the terrain to create the conditions necessary for continued survival. Such a huge undertaking requires vast amounts of raw materials. So the first main task is to extract and process minerals.
   Their main threat is a race of aliens which uses human bodies as raw material in industry. Fighting aliens is therefore classed as a natural defense of the species. They will also protect UCS humans (some of whom have already been used by the aliens) on humanitarian grounds.

          Release: Winter 2001


         MOON PROJECT Review


Earth has been home to mankind for thousands of years. In 2150 this has all come to an end - mankind must flee the Blue Planet, and do it quickly!

   In 2140 a devastating war between the "Eurasian Dynasty" and the "United Civilised States" has caused the Earth's orbit to change dramatically, pulling it ever closer to the Sun's deadly rays. As the Earth's temperature increases, once mighty glaciers begin melting away, as rising sea levels flood entire countries and meteorite showers mercilessly pound the planets surface. 

   "The MOON Project" runs parallel to EARTH2150 -Escape from the Blue Planet-, the award-winning, best-selling realtime-strategy hit from TopWare Interactive. 
The UCS and the LC go head-to-head in a completely new game environment - a brand-new story with campaigns, new units, buildings, songs and much, much more. All these elements combine to make "The MOON Project" an absolutely new and gripping experience in the EARTH universe for gamers of all ages. Furthermore, You will be able to experience city wars! City landscapes such as New-York, Amsterdam etc. - that brings a thing!


           Moon Project

              Release: Fall (possibly in september) 2000


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